How to Choose the Right Recreational Generator?

Do you want to have fun outdoors without losing one of the main goods of the modern world — electricity? You’ve come to the right place, then. In this guide, we covered everything you need to know to choose the right recreational generator that you will be able to take to hunting, camping, outdoor BBQ, and any other occasion!


By the size of the generator we usually mean the wattage it can produce to power up your appliances. For example, this popular Duromax generator makes 5,500 Watts, which is more than enough to power up lighting, a portable pizza maker, smartphones, and a small fridge at the same time. To figure out if that’s the right generator size for your needs, you need to learn starting and running wattages of the devices you want to power up. Starting wattage of some devices can be higher than running wattage, so consider that to be able to start your generator properly.


Depending on the model of a generator and its peak power capacity, there will be different outlets on the main panel. The minimal recommended set of outlets should include 120, 240, and 12 Volt outlets as well as a 2.5A and 5A USB to provide all your devices with the right amount of power.

Noise Level

You don’t want your generator to dampen all the birds in the forest and cause headaches, right? To ensure your generator isn’t that loud, you need to look for models that make not more than 65 decibels. This noise level is equal to a normal conversation heard from 1 meter and won’t annoy you if you place the generator far enough. In most cases, such low noise levels are provided by inverter generators. They are significantly quieter than open-frame emergency generators and can work at varying speeds to work even quieter when not at full load.


For outdoor activities, we highly recommend considering inverter generators as they come with microprocessors that not only provide quieter performance but also can power up sensitive electronics, such as smartphones and laptops. Besides, some modern inverter generators offer remote controls and monitoring via a mobile app, which can be very convenient when you are relaxing out there in a hammock.

Power Source

While most portable generators work on gasoline, you can also opt for models that support:

  • hybrid gasoline-propane power – this type is a bit more versatile as it supports external propane tanks that offer more capacity and, as a result, more working hours;
  • solar power – this modern type of generator is usually less powerful than fuel-powered models but can work silently and charge from the sun while working.


Mobility features, such as wheels and handles, can be very important if you choose a heavy type of generator. Be attentive while choosing as you want your generator to be convenient to move.

Have Fun!

Now you can choose the generator of your dream and have the best weekend ever with all important appliances and devices powered up. If you want to turn off your phone, we understand, but why go out without a fridge, sound system, and a projector to watch a movie under the stars?