Types Of Tree Services

One thing we might see everyday but not give enough appreciation to is a tree. Trees are important for the environment as a whole and it is why we breathe. Trees can also be made into materials we use every day and also a big reason why some properties are valued highly. While trees are beautiful to look at and give you a nice feeling, servicing one is no joke. Every time you see someone on TV working a tree, it looks easy but that is far from the truth. Tree service takes a lot of training and studying to know the proper techniques and terminology for them. We will explain the most common types of jobs involved in tree service and what they are about.

Tree Removal

Let’s start with tree removal. Tree removal is pretty self-explanatory. It is removing a tree from its place due to a variety of reasons. Trees are removed commonly due to it decaying, being diseased or leaning towards a building. It is a last resort when the tree has no chance of being salvaged. When a tree is diseased, the disease can actually spread to the other plants around it and disease them. This would worsen the landscape. When a tree is so close to hitting a building, it is best to remove it so it won’t cause huge damages to the building.

Tree Pruning

Another type of tree service job is tree pruning. Pruning is done to maintain the health of the tree. The shape of a tree indicates its health. Pruning even helps to prevent fire damage. Sometimes, tree branches can get so dried out that it leaves them susceptible to fires. By pruning them, the risk of the tree catching fire goes down. Pruning even makes a tree stronger as well.

Tree Trimming

Although it is grouped with pruning, trimmings are different. Trimming is done to maintain the overall appearance of a tree while pruning is for the health. Trimmings are commonly done when a branch gets too close to your house or wire to ensure it does not cause any future damage.

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